Exhibition at Ovolo Hotels

Exhibition at Ovolo Hotels

By Beinc Team

Chris Riley merges his audacious art with the iconic Lamborghini, but not where you'd expect. This time, it's all about surfboards – handcrafted, painted, and ready to make waves both on land and sea.

Crafting a Masterpiece on Water and Wheels Picture this: the sleek, power-packed essence of a Lamborghini captured on a surfboard. Chris Riley isn't just painting a board; he's sculpting a tidal force of luxury and art. This collaboration is a tribute to the thrill-seekers and the style-savants alike.

Behind the Easel and the Ocean Dive into the world where brushstrokes and waves collide. Get an exclusive peek into Chris Riley's studio, where his vision comes to life. It's a blend of precision, passion, and a bit of rebel spirit – a true mirror of the Lamborghini ethos.
Unveiling the Artistic Tide Get ready for the grand reveal that's set to redefine 'cool.' This isn't just a surfboard; it's a mobile masterpiece, a testament to Chris Riley's boundary-pushing art.

Chris Riley and Lamborghini Brisbane didn't just create a collaboration; they launched a cultural phenomenon. A surfboard that carries the legacy of a luxury car brand and the soul of a fearless artist. Stay tuned, because this wave is just the beginning.

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