The Artist

Since 2017, Chris Riley has been cultivating a world through his art. With an impatient brush and distinctive palette, he has worked to capture the sensations of paradise, and bring the warmth of the summer sun into the homes of his audience. Chris Riley knows the joy of seeing somebody connect with his artwork. The moment when a person steps into the canvas, and reclines into a sun lounge by the edge of the pool. It is this immersion that motivates Chris Riley’s art, and what has made him one of Australia’s most well-known upcoming contemporary artists.

When you own a Chris Riley, you get more than a beautiful painting.

You get the warmth of the summer sun, the coolness of the crystalline pool, the clean taste of fresh air.

The Art

Unashamedly optimistic, Chris Riley’s work aims not just to decorate, but to connect with people. Every artwork evokes a sensation, and captures gloriously real emotions through a nostalgic lens. Both soft and bold, his compositions create not just a painting, but a place. One you can visit time and time again. Chris Riley invites people to immerse themselves in his idyllic world. To rest by the pool, lay in the golden sun, and feel every tension wash away with the gentle breeze. This moment of serenity - this ineffable time away from the everyday grind - is what defines the work of Chris Riley, and what separates him from any other artist working today.

Chris currently is focused on summer inspired paintings, and heavily influenced by Southern California & Palm Springs. Each of his paintings have his signature blue sky and palm trees.

Lamborghini Brisbane X Chris Riley

The artwork pictured to the right is a custom-shaped surfboard created to celebrate Lamborghini's 60th birthday. This was a "pinch me" moment for Chris, who was commissioned by Lamborghini, especially given his lifelong love of cars. Growing up surrounded by cars, with a family of avid drag racers, this project was particularly meaningful. Chris custom-shaped the surfboard, incorporating a recess for the iconic badge. He painted three legendary Lamborghinis, the Countach, Miura, and Revuelto alongside the bull, with a touch of the Gold Coast in the background.

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