When The Block comes calling, you have to answer!

When The Block comes calling, you have to answer!

By Chris Riley

I’ll be settling in tonight along with thousands of other Aussies to watch the master bedroom reveal on The Block 2023, but this episode is particularly special for me; I’ve been waiting months for this moment!

Back in early May, I received a message from Leah saying she was interested in one of my original artworks, ‘Arriving at the Beverly’, for a very special reason; her and partner Ash were appearing on The Block 2023, and they wanted this artwork for their master bedroom. The Brisbane couple have been vocal about their desire to bring BrisVegas to Melbourne for this year’s special season, which see’s contestants re-developing 1950’s home in Melbourne. The spectacular combination of modern touches and charming vintage features is a style I’m personally passionate about, so obviously I jumped at the chance to be part of it!

I had already left my studio for the day when Leah’s message came through. I raced back to the studio and got on the phone to Leah who explained that the pair wanted my original artwork for their master bedroom reveal. The catch – it needed to get to Melbourne tomorrow. With no time to lose, my wife and I quickly and carefully packed the artwork, and loaded it in the car to drop it to the courier. At 4pm Thursday afternoon, the painting was delivered to the courier for an overnight express trip to Melbourne. With all our fingers and toes crossed, we finally heard the artwork had arrived in Melbourne within 24 hours of speaking with Leah.

Brisbane has become home to me, my wife Tracy, and our two dogs Milo and Millie. Being offered the opportunity to have my Beverly Hills painting showcased on the Block 2023 by Leah and Ash is a dream come true. Leah is excited to include Brisbane products that she’s been crushing on in their Charming St project, and something I am incredibly proud to be part of. Bring on BrisVegas!

Will you be watching tonights episode? If you are I would love to know what you think of Leah and Ash’s master bedroom on tonight’s episode....

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